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ProGolfWizard Privacy Policy

Privacy policy

We take your privacy and security seriously

Your Personal Information

As a company whose business it is to manage, store and organise data, privacy is an issue of paramount importance to us. Without it we don’t have a business

We guarantee we will never use your personal data or any other identity revealing information for any purpose other than providing you with the goods and services you have requested from us. That means we do not sell information or lists to other organisations under any circumstances. Similarly we do not purchase lists to further our own marketing. Generally those lists are not worth the paper they are printed on anyway and it would be completely at odds with what we are all about. It’s not big, clever or funny, so we don’t do it.

Where you have opted to receive communications from us including occasional marketing emails and newsletters, we will of course send them as these help us to stay in touch with you, our customer, and keep you informed about the latest news on our company and products. But should you change your mind, you can easily unsubscribe at any point either by clicking on the unsubscribe link in the footer of the email or by sending us a message to

Meanwhile if you have any questions or concerns regarding your personal information please contact us.

Your Business Data

Whilst you want to be sure that your own information is kept private, we understand that you also want confidence that your business data is just as safe and secure. Your data only belongs to you, we merely safeguard it for you and ensure it is accessible and secure 24 hours a day 365 days a year. Think of us like a bank for data – any time you want to remove that data from ProGolfWizard you can do so. No restrictions, no questions and no hassle. We have a number of safeguards in place to ensure your data’s security.


If you have subscribed to one of our email lists and wish to unsubscribe, please click on the unsubscribe link in the footer of any email that you receive.  This will instantly unsubscribe that record from our list.


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If you visit our website and don’t sign into the app, our advertising network will drop a cookie in your  browser which will trigger targeted banner ads on websites that you visit around the internet for a set period of time after you have visited our site.

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