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Helping your golfers improve wherever they are

Generates Business for the Golf Professional and Golf Academies

By giving your golfers an app with information which is personal to them (e.g. Golf Lesson, Golf Clinic, Equipment trial Video you immediately have their interest, and then when allow them to communicate with you about this you will find that they want to further develop their relationship with you.  

Golf Resorts and Golf Equipment Suppliers

You have done all the hard work, the golfers have booked a stay at your resort, turned up, played golf and enjoyed themselves. Some may have taken a lesson or two with your Professional while there and gained some useful advice, which has improved their game.
How do you get them to come back, time and again, especially when competing other top quality resorts in the world. Naturally the service and experience they have is key to this, but did you know that the number of times you communicate with them after they have left is just as important. ProGolfWizard is the tool to use, contact us for more information.

Or as a supplier you have provided a demo day, you have set up the links to golf pros, marketed the day, and possibly arrange a clinic, the golfers turn up enjoy the experience and leave with a warm feeling (and possibly some new clubs). 

How do you get them to remember the benefits of your equipment at the time, when will they be ready to buy? Naturally the quality of your equipment  is key to this, but maintaining communication with them after they have left is just as important.

The nature and content of these communications is vital. It should trigger memories of how well they hit the ball with your equipment and the benefits of buying from you.

The golf pro(s) who provide the demos and clinics are key to the experience your golfer’s have, and helping them to keep your equipment at the forefront of the golfers mind is key to increasing sales and client satisfaction.

Easy to Use Application

ProGolfWizard and MyGolfWizard have been designed to be intuitive and easy to use, if you can use a mobile phone or a PC then you are up and running.

Back Office Facilities

For the GolfPro there is nothing more frustrating than having to do all the back office administrative chores, including accounts, booking emails, diary management and more, ProGolfWizard presents all the information provided in a format which can be easily reported on or integrated with other applications.

Golf Lessons which continue after the golfer leaves the Pro

By offering more to your golfing clients, in the form of "Extended" or "Top-Up" Lessons", keeping in touch with them on a more frequent basis and helping them improve their golf after they have left the lesson you will find that golfer's will want to spend more with you both on lessons and other services that you offer.

Stores Lesson Videos, Images and Swing Analysis files in an easy to find location for both Pro and Golfer

Help your golfers find all the information you send them as it will be held within their MyGolfWizard App, linked to the lessons you have given them when appropriate. This includes lesson text reports, images, videos and swing analysis files. When a client sends you a video it is also easily attached from within their mobile device.

Increases Client Retention & Referrals

Offering your golfers an efficient service, more impact from their golf lessons and the opportunity to work on what you have told them outside of normal lesson time with further advice on their questions and videos you will find they want to spend more time with you. In turn you will find that they will also be talking about your service to their golfing friends, helping you build your business. 

Runs on PC, Tablet & Smartphones, Builds Profiles of Your Golfers, GDPR becomes straight forward

ProGolfWizard offers the golfer their own personal app - MyGolfWizard - which holds all the information regarding their lessons (and more) in one easy to use place. Both ProGolfWizard and MyGolfWizard have been designed to run all types of computers and mobile devices including Windows PCs, Mobiles, Apple IOS, and Android 

With all the information on your clients held within ProGolfWizard you will be able to select groups of golfers for which a specific offer might be particularly relevant, thereby ensuring that you only send your clients information which they will find of interest.

Frequently Asked Questions

I am already sending my golfers emails and videos, how is this going to help?

When you send your clients information via emails and other apps you are relying on them to file the information in a place that they can easily find. Once they have scrolled through a few screens trying to recall a recent piece of advice they give up and forget about it. Their MyGolfWizard app enables them to have all this information in one place linked to the lessons they have had with you!

I am already using other software to help me with the lessons - do I have to change to any particular brands?

No. ProGolfWizard just requires you to attach the output file from that software to a lesson and then your client will see it in MyGolfWizard, you do not even have to send an email. HYour golfers will be automatically notified when you have sent them something!

Are Golfers able to communicate on an unrestricted basis between lessons or is there a limit?

No. When you you set up your lesson plan not only do you set up the standard prices for your lesson packages, but you can also set the number of communications between lessons.

Who pays the monthly subscription for MyGolfWizard, the Golf Pro or the Golfer?

ProGolfWizard allows you to decide this, as in the pricing plan you set how many months subscription are included in the lesson package. Some Golf Professional will include the MyGolfWizard in their packages selling them as an extended lesson option to their lessons, others will only include the first month of MyGolfWizard and then leave it to the golfer to subscribe (and receive a commission).

How do I know that a golfer has sent me some information to which I need to respond?

Every communication that you receive from a golfer will be flagged on your ProGolfWizard dashboard. In addition you will receive an advisory email.

Can I find selected groups of golfers to inform them of something of particular interest to them?

Yes. All the information that you hold on a golfer will be available to search on within the database. So for example if an equipment company wants to promote with you a top of the range sand wedge you would be able to find all low handicap golfers who have had a bunker lesson with you over the past twelve months.