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ProGolfWizard has two components, ProGolfWizard itself which is the Golf Professionals tool to manage all their clients, lessons and administration, and MyGolfWizard which is accessed by the Golfer to view their bookings, lesson information and communicate with their Pro between lessons. 


£25 Per month

For "Test Drivers" (see below), otherwise £40 per month. Hold all your client data on the ProGolfWizard database, manage their bookings, confirm lessons automatically as soon as a booking is made, hold profile information so that you can send them relevant information. Manage your accounting information and other administration tasks. ProGolfWizard uses MyGolfWizard to present your lesson information to your golfing client in a concise format which they can access wherever they are, and continue to communicate with you with regards to their lesson. For each Golfer that you are providing the extended lesson benefits via MyGolfWizard (Silver or Gold) you will need to give them at one month's subscription to Silver access. We recommend you bundle this into your lesson price. See below for further "Test Driver" benefits.


MyGolfWizard Silver

£3.60 per month

MyGolfWizard Silver is the Golfer's App that provides the facility for the golfer to continue their lessons with you  remotely. Naturally the golfer only has access to information relating to their account. You can add lesson reports, which they see immediately, and they can ask  questions between lessons which you can respond to. All the information is stored in a location that is easy for them to find and use. "Test Driver" clients receive access to MyGolfWizard free during the trial period.


MyGolfWizard Gold

Included in Silver

"Test Driver" clients receive Gold as part of the Silver package. MyGolfWizard Gold is the Golfer's App that provides all the features of Silver plus the ability to add images, videos and swing analysis files to the lessons and communications.  Like the lesson reports these are immediately available to them as soon as you have added them to ProGolfWizard. They can add videos taken on the course so that you can assess their progress. Gold will cost £5.40 after all "Test Driver"s have been allocated.

ProGolfWizard and MyGolfWizard run on most PCs, Tablets and Smart Phones
ProGolfWizard and MyGolfWizard run on most PCs, Tablets and Smart Phones
  • "Test Drivers" will benefit from a three month free trial and a 37.5% discount on the £40 price for a period three years.
  • After the free trial period "Test Drivers" will receive a commission of £0.50 per month for each golfer subscribing to MyGolfWizard that they have introduced
  • Maximum Flexibility - the Golf Pro can either bundle MyGolfWizard into an extended lesson package for as many months as they like, or just include one month and then let the golfer continue with the subscription
  • In the future Golf Professionals will be able to subscribe with a multi-golfer license at reduced rates
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