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ProGolfWizard Launches in the UK

ProGolfWizard - The Power Behind The Pro

ProGolfWizard is a revolutionary new tool built exclusively for Golf professionals that want to better manage and grow their business and increase client satisfaction and retention. By integrating the app into their business and having their clients download it onto their Smart Phones or Computers, Golf Pros are able to increase the value of their lessons and deliver a better service to their clients by offering a private online coaching model.

This allows the Golf Pro to communicate with their clients via the app between lessons; clients can upload videos of their game which the Golf Pro can review, providing clients with online lessons away from the golf course and answering questions remotely with ease. Just as importantly, ProGolfWizard allows Golf Pros to bring all their client communication, diary management and back office accounting into one simple easy-to-manage-place.

ProGolfWizard gives the Golf Professionals a Unique Selling Point and  is the ideal tool to help them interact more effectively from the time of first contact (e.g. New Members, Golf Clinics and Demo Days), and build a lasting and profitable relationship.

ProGolfWizard - the Golf Professional's Secretary
ProGolfWizard - the Golf Professional's Secretary